Creating the Perfect Profile
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Creating the Perfect Profile

When you sign up with a dating website, your profile is the factor that most significantly affects how good your experience with the site will be. If you have a profile that showcases yourself well, you'll get noticed by others on the site who have a genuine interest in you. Follow these tips to make your profile stand out and reflect yourself well.

Pick a Good Screen Name

When you're on a dating site that has you select a screen name in addition to entering your real name, get creative with this part of the profile. Words like sexy, girl, stud, handsome, lover, and others are so overused that people will see right past them. Instead, take some time to pick something that you want your ideal date to know and love about you. Consider your interests, quirky characteristics, and parts of your personality that everyone who knows you well can point out.

Include a Great Photo

Your photo is probably the single most important part of your profile that gains attention. Nobody wants to see a blurry photo of you and your ex drunk at a party. But they do want to see a photo that accurately reflects who you are and who they can expect to see if they meet you for a date. Therefore, choose a photo that shows you dressed and made up for a date with someone you've been seeing for several weeks. The photo should not have anyone else in it, which can cause confusion, and should be close enough that people browsing your profile can see what you look like. In addition, make sure it was taken within the last 6 months so it accurately reflects what you look like now.

Be Honest

You don't want to make yourself stand out to everybody who ever sees your profile. Instead, you just want people who are right for you to be interested in you. Therefore, be honest about your personality, interests, and what you're looking for. This will help keep you from wasting your time interacting with people who won't actually like you for who you are. Write about what sort of movies you like, where you like to vacation, what hobbies you have, and as much as possible, why you enjoy these things. Instead of saying that you garden, you can say that you love growing organic vegetables in your backyard so you can make healthy meals for friends and family.

Avoid Giving Too Much Information

Nobody wants to read your autobiography, so keep your profile to a reasonable length. Browsing other profiles on the site can help you learn how much information the average user provides. In addition, keep your safety in mind when creating your profile. Don't give your address, and avoid putting your phone number in your profile as well. Don't give the name of where you work, which could enable stalkers to find and follow you. Lastly, ensure that your photo doesn't include obvious identifying information about your home address or workplace.

Stay Positive

Your profile isn't the place to list all of the things you hate or the sort of people you don't want to date. It makes you seem like a negative person. Instead, stay positive by describing what you like and what characteristics you are looking for in a potential date. You can learn more later about whether the people who contact you have any of the negative characteristics that would disqualify them, but don't put a blatant "no losers" notice in your profile. After all, does anyone actually think they're a loser?

Let Your Friends Help

After you write a draft of your profile, show it to some of your best friends. Ask them if it truly reflects who you are and what they would change or add to make it more like you. Your friends are the ones who know you best, and they can let you know if the picture, screen name, and profile information show the real you and would attract the attention of the person who is best for you. Also have them help you correct any spelling or grammar that you got wrong to make sure your profile puts your best foot forward.

Getting started in online dating takes some time and attention, but a good profile will pay off. It will help you attract the information of the sort of person who would find you fun, interesting, and compatible.